Digital Nomads: From Summit To Sea. El Batán > Punta del Hidalgo

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June 11 , 2022




  • Start:

    10:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Difficulty:


  • Meet point:

  • Duration:

    4 - 5h.

  • Languages:

    Spanish, English, French, German...

  • Ideal for:

    Locals and foreign residents


Welcome to the second edition of “Walk & Talk», activities  to practice languages 🗣️ and get to know new people 🫂 while walking. This program of activities is possible thanks to the Department of Tourism of the City of La Laguna.

Note: Reservations will be opened exactly one week before the date of the activity. The activities are free of charge but, to confirm your reservation, a small donation will be requested (minimum €2) for any of the NGOs that appear on the list.

⛰️🌊 Digital Nomads: From Summit To Sea. El Batán > Punta del Hidalgo

💬 Description

Meeting point: 🕙08:50 📌Intecambiador de guaguas La Laguna 🚌 🚌 Attention! Be on time, the bus leaves  La Laguna at 9:05.  If someone decides to go in a private vehicle, we will start in El Batán, Plaza de la Ermita de la Virgen de Candelaria at 10:00. You can use line 050 to return to La Laguna. For more information on lines and schedules visit

👥 The activity is designed as a tandem or language exchange  in which, through a series of dynamics and games, you will practice the language or languages that you want. ☝🏻IMPORTANT! Do not forget to write in the «Comments» section of the reservation the language (or languages) you would like to practice.

ATTENTION! The hike has a MEDIUM difficulty and there is a part that can cause VERTIGO. It’s not recommend for those who do not hike or exercise regularly, as well as those who suffer from vertigo.

🎒Don’t forget…
  • Suitable clothing and footwear for walking
  • Enough food and water

🚯 Walk without leaving a trace. Remember, you are also part of the conservation of the natural spaces of La Laguna.


1️⃣ Submit your reservation on the website.

2️⃣ When your reservation is accepted you will receive a confirmation email.

3️⃣ MAKE YOUR DONATION. The conflict in Ukraine has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes. With the intention of helping those NGOs and organizations that work with people in vulnerable situations and reduce the humanitarian impact of this and other crises, the following donation channels are proposed:

Once the donation has been made, you can send us the receipt by email ( or WhatsApp (623 00 49 70) and your reservation will be finally confirmed.

Thank you very much, we are looking forward to seeing you soon!



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