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Activity & connectivity! _tivity is a platform where you can join sustainable activities and meet local people in the Canary Islands

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_tivity’s raison d’être arises from its principles: All our activities have a sustainable focus promoting the protection of the environment and social values. Without these principles we would be nothing. This is why we encourage you to become acquainted with them:


We protect the environment through our environmental campaigns and volunteer service which contribute to the conservation as well as the defense of nature and they raise awareness of the main environmental problems. Within our guided activities we foster knowledge of the natural resources of our islands because knowing the importance of the ecological values of our resources is a guarantee of their conservation.


Recycle_symbol_of_three_leaves_512We strengthen the environmental sustainability of all our activities trying to maintain the environmental impact positive. We promote good environmental practices within our community and our users. Activities whose environmental impact does not fulfill our requirements or have a negative environmental impact, will not be accepted on our platform.

Multiple_users_silhouette_512Social cohesion and networking: We organize participative activities which contribute to the development of human relationships, social dynamization and association of people. We build up social cohesion on a local level and establish a direct communication channel abroad, thus ultimately participating in a European cohesion. This cohesion permits the establishment of synergies between the different parts achieving a positive impact of our objectives.


We favor the development of a alternative social and sustainable touristic model which improves the living conditions of the local population and which guarantees a full respect of nature and the cultural values of the population. It is an accessible model for the local population that allows to increase the alternative leisure and turistic activities on the islands.

Capacity dClass_hand_drawn_persons_group_512evelopment:We contribute to an active learning of the environment and Canarian culture as well as to the awareness raising of the importance and necessity to protect it. We strengthen and promote trainings destined to the improvement of employability and the personal development of capacities.

Our objectives:

  1. Connect people through the performance of activities: Social relations are fundamental for the individual and collective development, and the best way to connect to other people is through sporting, cultural and nature activities. Therefore, we provide you with a virtual platform where everybody can organize or participate in activities.
  2. Inclusion and participation of locals in tourism: We attempt to improve the options of the local population and to divide more efficiently the benefits of the tourism. Like this, we want to bring together locals and tourists in order to take mutual advantage of the benefits that may arise from this exchange
  3. Awareness raising of the environmental and natural value of the islands. The abundance of the environment and the Canarian culture with its people, gastronomy and traditions are the most important resources of the Archipelago. One of our major objectives is to protect this abundance. By showcasing the island’s resources we contribute to enhance and diffuse people’s knowledge, we value its importance, and as a result we have a greater guarantee of the protection and conservation of this resource.

_tivity enjoys the abundance and natural diversity of our islands. We have a lot of possibilities to engage in leisure and cultural activities which other places in the world do not offer.

At the same time we notice that many people face obstacles when they want to undertake activities. We’d like to give solutions for the most frequent dilemmas:

„There is nothing to do“

„I don’t have money“

„I don’t have people to join me“

In order to enjoy and share the natural treasure that keep our islands, you only need attitude. It is therefore that our platform puts you into contact with a free community, in which everybody can offer events in different categories. Like this we can assure a diverse and innovative offer. Get up and contribute actively to the development of our activities! Be the motor of the society!

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