Who are we?

Activity & connectivity! _tivity is a platform where you can join sustainable activities and meet local people in the Canary Islands

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We believe that the current tourism and leisure activity offer is mainly focussing on the foreign touristic sector and that it does not include the locals sufficiently. This does not benefit the tourists nor the local population since the tourism industry offers high prices and very little authentic experiences.

We want the local population to be more visible within this touristic model and we want the locals to contribute to the demand of leisure activities and to participate in this alternative tourism. Our principal pillars are the new networks and social relationships that arise from the proposed activities as well as the protection of the environment and the diffusion of the Canarian culture.

In order to achieve these objectives we count on our highly qualified and enthusiastic team. Get to know them:

bACHAJavier González

Graduate in environmental science, IT engineer and offical tour guide

President of the NGO Desaplatánate

CEO of _tivity. Creator of the original idea of  _tivity. He works on the set up and management of the web page, conducts guided tours of the NGO and manges campaigns and events

Tanja WestTanja-Westerholderhold

Philologist and official tour guide with 5 registered languages

Master in „Communication for Development“ at the University of Malmö (Sweden)

She is responsible for the exterior communication of _tivity and manages the search and development of national and international connections with businesses and NGOs that have similar principles.


We do care about nature!


Our compromise with the nature protection is real. is part of us. That's why we create Desaplatánate a Local NGO focussed on the environmental protection and volunteering campaigns. Don't hesitate to contact us at www.desaplatanate.org

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